Friday, December 3, 2010

Million Dollar Incentive

According to reliable sources, Indonesia's main football governing body PSSI are set to offer one million USD for the entire team and coaching staff as reward should they win the ongoing AFF Suzuki Cup.

Thus the pressure is on Alfred Riedl and the Indonesians to deliver the goods and win the tournament for the first time.

So far, PSSI have managed to obtain more than half the reward amount, with the rest to be raised for the remainder of the campaign.

With match-fixing still the main bugbear of football in this region, it is probably hoped that the hefty prize money will "de-bribe" the players into delivering the goods so that they will not only put themselves into the history books as the first Indonesian national team to win the biennial regional affair, but also earn some financial jackpot the right way.

The PSSI have thrown the gauntlet to its national team, now will the FAT, FAS, FAM and VFF respond with similar cash incentives?

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